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H.E.A.L. Program

Developed by Dr. Vargas, the HEAL program combines Energetic technology and objective lab analysis to find and correct physical imbalances in your physiology. Alleviate pain, enjoy maximum health and love life again!

Dr. Vargas will evaluate and create a custom program personalized to your specific needs. We find the “Root” cause of your health condition so we can restore your body to optimum health.

Chiropractic/Cranial Analysis and treatment:

Our Chiropractic care helps to promote balance,stabilization and proper nerve and energy flow. This can help to eliminate pain and gain optimal function of the the spine and organs. Our spine and nervous system affects every part of our body and when out of balance leads to dysfunction. We use specialized gentle instrument adjusting and effective hands on Chiropractic techniques to help correct imbalances so that you are getting the proper signals from brain to your spine and organs. We have have helped many patients to greatly reduce or eliminate pain and help to remove interference so they can feel and heal naturally.

Internal Cleansing and Rebuilding:

The use of all-natural remedies to eliminate toxins and strengthen/rebuild your body and cells. This can help you to function optimally. Our specialized techniques have helped many to regain their health and energy by finding and correcting imbalances in the organs and body. This can help with digestive issues and many other issues which can affect our physical, emotional/mental health and energy.


Bio-pulsar Energetic Testing

The Bio-pulsar machine is the result of over 25 years of German research and development. This machine’s cutting edge technology details your current state of being and health of 52 of your major body parts, as well as assisting to determine the course of your treatment and monitor your progress throughout the process. It correlates the physical and emotional which maybe affecting your health and healing. This helps our patients to heal on multiple levels and to create optimum health and wellness. For more information on our Bio-pulsar Unit, watch the video below.


We utilize the Bio-pulsar Reflexograph to help find imbalances and blockages to our healing abilities. The Bio-pulsar was developed and researched over a period of 18 years and has over 90% accuracy. It can give measurements on over 52 major body parts, the energy field, Chakras and Aura. It can help to objectively evaluate the patient and their progress.

Applied Kinesiology

This is a form of testing muscle response that can help pinpoint the origin of imbalance/pain in order to address these issues. This is often a part of the evaluation process and enables us to develop a more targeted and individualized program for our patients. This can help find problems even before they become symptomatic or develop into degenerate diseases.



This ancient form of healing has been used for thousands of years to help the body heal, eliminate pain, reduce stress and promote healing naturally. Modern technology allows you to get the benefits of acupuncture with or without needles. Acupuncture and our HEAL Program can take you not only help to reduce or eliminate pain but also take you to higher level of health.

Stress reduction and Mind/Body Healing

Learn how to promote healing, maintain your good health, well-being, reduce stress using natural remedies, meditation/visualization, and the power of your thoughts and intentions.

Exercises and Yoga

Learn how to increase your body’s mobility, flexibility and promote continued mental/emotional well-being with simple movements and home exercises to incorporate in your routine.

The Biopulsar-Reflexograph® system is a biofeedback tool that gives scientific information and objective interpretations for the full and it's body electromagnetic field and seven major energy centres. The Biopulsar technology incorporates several proven sciences such as biofeedback, neuroscience, reflexology, kinesiology, palmistry and body and colour languages to name a few, making it the most advanced bioenergetics technology in the world!


Accessing the "real-time" energetic information in a few different formats allows the practitioner to instantly analyze the patient on a holistic level–not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. Formats illustrated on screen include organ graphs, colour organ analysis of the reflex zones, full & half body biofield pictures and chakra analysis. Additional supporting software programs are available.

The experiences of our patients and practitioners are very important to the Biopulsar-Reflexograph® research team. Below are client testimonials as well as comments on the accuracy and consistency of our device.


Biopulsar Testimonials

"I had an interpretation in Sept., something showed upon my right breast. Dianna suggested I massage it. When I went home I gave myself a breast exam and found a lump. (I) went to the doctor and had three lumps. Had them removed and they were benign. I am doing great!" ~Jackie C



"...A few months ago, your imaging showed that I had a problem in my throat on the right side. The picture was very black there and you said it was definitely my thyroid. The year before when I had the same imaging done by your company, it showed problems in the thyroid and adrenal. I went to the doctor he checked my thyroid levels and started me on thyroid medicine.... I had an ultrasound (sonogram) done on my throat last Tuesday and they found a goiter on the right side of my neck.... I am just glad I had decided to have you do a follow up image for me this year. It was right on the money and very possibly got me to the doctor before things got too far out of control." ~Kathy D



"...After placing my hand on the sensors several times, I was told my right armpit wasn’t registering. But it was then said it was reading but real low. She (the aura counsellor) asked if I knew of any problems in that area. I then explained to her about a tender spot on my breast for 2 years....I had a mammogram (after the aura reading), the results showed a 3 x 4 x 5 cm mass in the right upper quadrant. If not for the Biopulsar I would not have fought to get the exam....because of the low reading I was adamant about getting a mammogram." ~Gayle B

"...As your review revealed, I had severe stomach distress. This is really unusual for me, but not a problem since I usually overcome such minor aches/etc. quickly. Fortunately, with your prediction and your suggestions (lemon) I was fine within 24 hours....Most importantly, since there seemed to be no other real problems, that gave me peace of mind to go further without worry..... I think your device is well worth the cost, particularly as a wellness tool." ~Joyce D